3 Big Mistakes Made in Setting Up Home Security Camera Layout

When it comes to your home security camera layout, we certainly encourage you to take a full hands-on approach. No one knows your home better than you do. diagram-146967394If you carefully detail out the various entry ways and vulnerabilities of your home and property, you’ll most certainly have an advantage in designing the perfect home security camera system for your needs. But encouraging the layman to design their own home security system comes with its warnings as well. Without knowledge of how home security devices really work and what optimizes surveillance, you’re very likely to make a few detrimental mistakes, simply out of ignorance. So, as you set out on your project consider these 3 major common mistakes made in home security surveillance.

Covering Too Much With Too Little

Cameras have gotten pretty advanced these days! PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) cameras, which you can manipulate while watching live feed, are easy to set up and control and make surveillance seem like a no brainer. 590268_41992492But many homeowners set up these cameras anticipating that they can cover a whole area with them, forgetting that they’ll have to be monitoring the camera to do that since these cameras don’t cover that area on their own. Other homeowners will take one camera and zoom it out all the way to cover the area they want monitored. But on many cameras an image completely zoomed out is going to suffer a pixilation wash out, meaning they won’t have high enough resolution to capture useful information. The best thing to do is think smaller, which CAN actually be more economical. Take two average cameras and use them to cover one area and you’ll enjoy 100% protection.

Setting Up The Camera For An Aesthetically Pleasing Shot

If you know anything about photography you’ll know what they call the “Rule of 3rds”. This rule simply implies that one third of the picture should be sky, two thirds of the picture should be ground. While this is lovely for your family pictures, it’s going to do you no favors in the world of surveillance. You don’t want to set up your cameras and waste frame space on an area where intruders couldn’t come. Additionally all that light in the frame can cause problems for your image, like casting visitors as silhouettes. Instead of wasting this space, just focus on getting the area of REAL INTEREST in the cameras frame of view. The front walk, the doorway, the window. If you can see these areas clearly you’ve got all the image you need.

Don’t Forget Indoor Monitoring

View on the modern living-room 163199926Many homeowners believe that they only need to worry about covering their home exterior from intruders, but there are many benefits to also covering areas of specific interest with cameras indoors. The living room for instance. One or two small indoor cameras will gather a great deal of useful information since they can see the crook at work. The purpose of utilizing security cameras is not just for prevention of crimes but to ensure you get justice afterwards. With great camera coverage, both inside and outside you have more information to protect you both before and after the event of a crime!