3 steps to a perfect Colorado Home security camera system

Even in Colorado life isn’t perfect. Home security camera systems are simply a part of making sure that you are protected. Do you need reasons? Here are a few:

  • Full-length of burglar entering into house 452416383Hundreds of homes, thousands of homes, are victims of burglary or home invasion every year, and yet those homes that have security systems are 300% less likely to be victimized.
  • Insurance companies love the deterrent power of home security systems so much that most companies will actually provide you with a discount on your premium, sometimes as much as 20%!
  • Only 17% of homes in America actually have security systems but 80% of those homeowners claim that their security system has increased their protection and is effective against crime.
  • When burglars look for a home to target they case the neighborhood, homes with cameras are the first ones off the list.

The list is endless really, home security systems provide a great amount of peace of mind and getting set up with a quality system is probably easier than you think. Here are three simple steps to get your own home security system.

Step One- Prep With Questions

Before going to the security company and buying their basic package take some time and decide what customized features will make a security system the best for you. Draw up a map of your home, determine where the entry points or vulnerable points are and using these create the list of your needs. Here are a few other questions to ask yourself:

Parents with baby and mother with cell phone 89791804Q: How many access points does your home have? Remember to include windows, pet doors, and garage doors.

Q: Do you need cameras for all of them or can one camera cover multiple points within the frame? OR Should you overlap coverage from more than one camera for extra protection?

Q: What is the distance you need to see in your frame? Some people own large amounts of property or homes, it’s important to make sure the camera covers that area.

It’s also important to recognize the home security camera laws Colorado has, basically remember that in home monitoring it is illegal to record any form of audio unless both parties agree, and it is illegal to use cameras in rooms where a person may have a “reasonable expectation of privacy”, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Step Two- Budget

It’s of course a balancing act, but every home can afford home security. It’s a matter of priorities. Some people choose to DIY to save money, others feel that professional installation is worth the extra cost to know the system is going to be reliable. Either way budgeting is important. Cut costs by using motion sensors in less likely entrances, or by getting slightly lower resolution on your cameras and doubling them up for coverage. Most important of all is having the security system.


A security system does you no good on paper or in the box. There’s really no time to waste, start now! 78366512Get your system designed, your budget outlined, do your homework, shop companies and GO! You’ll be grateful when you have the system up and the comfort of knowing the most important things are protected. Call a Colorado professional to get started today 866-565-4305!